This girl could have avoided all of this!

Did she think this through? NOPE!

She is supposed to be this smart, thoughtful person. She is supposed to have common sense.

She did not think about the trouble that could happen being a lone woman in a new town with no one who knows her.

That is extremely dangerous and could have been avoided altogether.

I can not believe that she gave the driver her money and possessions for safe keeping.

Just keep it on your person or next to you.

Does she think about that? Nope and now she has nothing at all.

At least she had the common sense to hid herself at night so nothing happens to her.I understand her wanting to get away from Edward but she could have just avoided him in the house.

She let her emotions get away with her and overpower her rational thought.

Now she is going hungry, sick, and homeless. She has nothing and no one but herself to blame for her current situation.

I do not blame the townspeople for being wary of her because if I was in their situation I would be the same.

I am thankful for the people who did finally give her a place to stay.

All she wanted was some food and did not think they would let her stay the night.

They were probably so surprised that she did not care if they let her stay. I know I would have been.

I am glad that they let her stay because she would probably have died in the storm.

If she had not run away then she would not be in this situation.

If you can not tell I am being just a little petty about the whole thing.

I feel that it is well deserved so I don’t feel bad about the fact I am petty against a character in a book.

Wedding or Not

The night before the wedding was a weird one.

When she was telling Edward about her dreams and that person she saw, I was so confused about all of it.

The dreams were weird and could be worrying to somebody who is superstitious. I see abandonment issues in Jane from the dreams. She is afraid that he will decide to leave her.

The child, I assume, is their child. She could be worried that he will leave her and the child to fend for themselves.

The dreams could also be a representation of the distance in their relationship as Edward is very secretive about things to Jane.

Now, the woman she saw is what really confuses me.

I honestly don’t know what to think about the whole thing.

It must be true as there was evidence that it happened, but she must have imagined some things.

Was this woman really like a vampire? Did she really have red eyes?

Who was this person? She was in the house and as no one saw anything, she must have been there the whole time. I just do not understand what is happening.

Edward was very impatient to be married to Jane if the dragging was any indication.

It was a very small wedding as neither of them have any family. The only witnesses to the actual wedding are the two people who came in from the cemetery and the church parson.

I find it very weird that those two men would just invite themselves into the church to watch Jane and Edward get married.

Then the truth came out.

Edward already has a wife that is living in the same house as them.

The woman is literally insane and looks like a derange demon.

I understand his reasons to keeping her locked up, but I don’t approve of the way he has gone about this.

I understand not wanting to tell Jane until after they were married. I do not like it, but I do understand it.

Should he have kept his wife at the house under Grace Poole’s care? No, he should have gotten her professional help and tried to get a divorce quietly.

His wife was the one to try killing Edward and her brother Mason. She was also the one Jane saw in her room that night before the wedding.

My heart goes out to all of them. None of them deserve to be in this situation.

Poor Jane just can not handle it and wants to leave even though she still loves Edward.

My heart hurts the most for Edward though. He never wanted any of this to happen and when he finally finds happiness this happens. It is not fair as he just wants to be happy and have a companion to spend the rest of his life with.

This strong, closed off man breaks down crying at the fact that the woman he truly loves wants to leave him while still loving him.

Jane and Edward are to blame for each other’s unhappiness. They were both cowardly about everything.

Edward was a coward for not just being upfront to Jane and Jane was a coward for running away without even saying goodbye to anyone.

I just hope that this separation does not last very long.

I’m Getting Excited

Edward and Jane are such a good match for each other. They can tame the other so effectively and they communicate to each other.

As they say communication is key to a successful relationship.

He is so sweet and caring to Jane that it makes my heart hurt.

I just wish that she would allow him to spoil her more she does. It is not like he is trying to buy her affections. He just want her to have what he feels she deserves.

I love how sure Jane is of who she is and not wanting to be compared to something she is not. The quote in the picture above is an excellent example of this.

Their love for each other is pure and what I personally aspire to have one day.

(Ok, I am currently watching the scorpion king right now and the acting is almost comical. I keep getting distracted by it.)

The wedding is almost apone us and I can not wait.

I just wish Edward would be more open with Jane. I can understand wanting to wait till a more appropriate time for some topics, but him being more open would lead to least problems. The longer he waits to reveal certain secrets to her the more problems their marriage will have.

Jane’s relationship with Adèle is so sweet. She acts as a mother to her and wants to make sure she does not feel neglected.

I love that Edward allowed Adèle to come to town with them at the request of Jane. She has him in the palm of her hand half the time.

When he was away for business, my heart burst with joy at how affected Jane was by his absence. The fact that she would walk to try to meet him sooner was very sweet. It was unnecessary but still very sweet of her.

(I am going to leave it at this and continue when I am much more focused. Even now as I am typing this I am far to distracted as it took me literally a minute to finish this sentence.)

Update On Me

I have not been able to read as much as I would have liked this weekend. I have been suffering from headaches that are more stubborn than I am. This is, I assure you, pretty hard to do.

I admit that I mostly slept this weekend when I could have been more proactive in my reading.

Alas I can not go back in time do spend the weekend different. I will just have to catch up to my reading schedule.

I promise to try to be better about staying on my reading schedule. Key word being “try” in this statement.

Finally Some True Happiness

I’m so happy right now!

First off, John dies and Mrs. Reed is dying.

Talk about some poetic justice coming and slapping you in the face.

John is a horrible human being and was basically a bottom feeder. Mrs. Reed was to blind to what her son is doing to her to put a stop to it. She is also just a jealous little brat you needs some sense knocked into her.

I mean, she said it herself that she was jealous that Jane’s uncle payed more attention to Jane than his kids. Plus his dying wish was that Jane be treated like family, but he said nothing about her or their kids.

Then, there was that whole thing with telling Jane’s living uncle that she had died just so she would not get some happiness.

I found it kind of funny that Jane’s cousins did not care at all about the fact their mother was dying.

I loved how when Jane got home everyone was happy to see her, especially Adèle, Mrs. Fairfax, and Mr. Rochester.

The conversation between Jane and Edward was an emotional rollercoaster for me to read.

I was sad, happy, frustrated, angry, and everything in between.

When they confessed that they loved each other, I was smiling so big. If anyone looked at me in class when I read it, they would think that there was something wrong with me.

All this time we were lead to believe that he was going to marry Miss Ingram when in reality he was talking about Jane. All he ever said was that he was going to marry soon. He gave no indication that he was actually thinking about Jane when he said this.

They are so happy and they have their first kiss together. The entire time I don’t just mentally saying “finally” and freaking out.

The fact that they did not see Mrs. Fairfax when they came in and kissed was great. I can just imagine what her face looked like in that moment.

It was so sweet that he kept coming to check up on her when they were back inside, in their rooms.

The tree being split in half must mean something though. The tree is were they confessed to each other. That same night it gets hit with lightning and split. That can not be just a coincidence.

It is very much possible that I am reading to much into this.

This is just how my mind works. It finds instances that may or may not be a coincidence and starts to speculate about what it could mean.

The fact that they have already confessed their feelings to each other and are getting married, worries me something fierce. What are the last fourteen chapters going to reveal to us and what is going to happen?

Ok, I was just looking for the pictures you see above, and I may have or may not have just spoiled something for myself. I am literally shook.

Stupidity and Mystery

That a greater fool than Jane Eyre had never breathed the breath of life; that a more fantastic idiot had never surfeited herself on sweet lies, and swallowed poison as if it were nectar,”–Jane Eyre

I would like to apologize in advance for this will likely turn into a rant.

Chapters sixteen through twenty, where I have currently stopped reading at, gave me so much anxiety, anger, proudness, and confusion.

I am so not okay with what has happened.

First off, Mr. Rochester is so stupid!

Jane saves his life and he gets all caring and sweet. Then the next day, he leaves and is got for weeks just to show up with a bunch of pretty, single women. Especially one that he is supposedly going to marry! Like what is wrong with this dude. Ugh!

Second off, who in their right mind does this to a girl that they show interest in. You are just going to show up with this gorgeous girl who shows an interest in you and you her. Then make Jane be in their company and not even acknowledge her.

I was so mad when they started talking bad about governesses’ with Jane in the room. Jane is a governess and you are just going to do that in front if her. Let’s not for get that Adèle is in the room with them.

Then Jane leaves early and he comes after her, wanting to know why she is leaving. He comments on her appearance saying she looks sad, pale, and depressed.

Of course she is sad you idiot! You are prancing this beautiful, educated women in front of her.

Don’t get me started on how she treats Adèle. I wanted to slap some sense into her.

I would just like to say how much I love the way Jane thinks. I just love how she picks up on the little things, like that witches lack of personality and interest in Mr. Rochester.

It was kind of funny that he dressed up as a gypsy and tells the witch that she only wants Rochester to advance in society.

When Jane was with the “gypsy” and he said all those things, makes me wonder if he was trying to trick her into confessing her feelings to see if she likes him too.

I also love the fact that she was the only one to figure out that the gypsy was in fact Mr. Rochester.

What is with the mystery that is the whole Grace Poole situation. I don’t understand and it is driving me crazy. Is Grace mentally ill or something? This is the only thing I can think of to explain her behavior.

She has tried to kill two people and he is covering up for her. He was one of the two she almost killed!

Why do they fill sorry for her? What is wrong with her?

What Rochester was saying about his younger years must have something to do with it. Something is going on as some of the staff seem to know and they get all hush up around Jane about Grace.

I honestly don’t know what to think right now and this is making my head hurt.


I know I was supposed to post yesterday but I was so busy this entire weekend.

All day Friday, I was an ULM for district honor choir practice.

When I finally got home from that I literally passed out asleep and was only awake long enough to eat and take a shower.

Saturday was the concert and that was so exhausting that once again I passed out asleep.

Then on Sunday I was barely even home. I had church till twelve and then had to eat a fast lunch and change.

After church, I participated in the pro life march and by the time that was over it was time for church again.

After church, I finally got to go back home and had time to shower before I was sound asleep once again.

So I literally was either out of the house doing something or passed smooth out the entire weekend.