Wedding or Not

The night before the wedding was a weird one.

When she was telling Edward about her dreams and that person she saw, I was so confused about all of it.

The dreams were weird and could be worrying to somebody who is superstitious. I see abandonment issues in Jane from the dreams. She is afraid that he will decide to leave her.

The child, I assume, is their child. She could be worried that he will leave her and the child to fend for themselves.

The dreams could also be a representation of the distance in their relationship as Edward is very secretive about things to Jane.

Now, the woman she saw is what really confuses me.

I honestly don’t know what to think about the whole thing.

It must be true as there was evidence that it happened, but she must have imagined some things.

Was this woman really like a vampire? Did she really have red eyes?

Who was this person? She was in the house and as no one saw anything, she must have been there the whole time. I just do not understand what is happening.

Edward was very impatient to be married to Jane if the dragging was any indication.

It was a very small wedding as neither of them have any family. The only witnesses to the actual wedding are the two people who came in from the cemetery and the church parson.

I find it very weird that those two men would just invite themselves into the church to watch Jane and Edward get married.

Then the truth came out.

Edward already has a wife that is living in the same house as them.

The woman is literally insane and looks like a derange demon.

I understand his reasons to keeping her locked up, but I don’t approve of the way he has gone about this.

I understand not wanting to tell Jane until after they were married. I do not like it, but I do understand it.

Should he have kept his wife at the house under Grace Poole’s care? No, he should have gotten her professional help and tried to get a divorce quietly.

His wife was the one to try killing Edward and her brother Mason. She was also the one Jane saw in her room that night before the wedding.

My heart goes out to all of them. None of them deserve to be in this situation.

Poor Jane just can not handle it and wants to leave even though she still loves Edward.

My heart hurts the most for Edward though. He never wanted any of this to happen and when he finally finds happiness this happens. It is not fair as he just wants to be happy and have a companion to spend the rest of his life with.

This strong, closed off man breaks down crying at the fact that the woman he truly loves wants to leave him while still loving him.

Jane and Edward are to blame for each other’s unhappiness. They were both cowardly about everything.

Edward was a coward for not just being upfront to Jane and Jane was a coward for running away without even saying goodbye to anyone.

I just hope that this separation does not last very long.

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