Finally Some True Happiness

I’m so happy right now!

First off, John dies and Mrs. Reed is dying.

Talk about some poetic justice coming and slapping you in the face.

John is a horrible human being and was basically a bottom feeder. Mrs. Reed was to blind to what her son is doing to her to put a stop to it. She is also just a jealous little brat you needs some sense knocked into her.

I mean, she said it herself that she was jealous that Jane’s uncle payed more attention to Jane than his kids. Plus his dying wish was that Jane be treated like family, but he said nothing about her or their kids.

Then, there was that whole thing with telling Jane’s living uncle that she had died just so she would not get some happiness.

I found it kind of funny that Jane’s cousins did not care at all about the fact their mother was dying.

I loved how when Jane got home everyone was happy to see her, especially Adèle, Mrs. Fairfax, and Mr. Rochester.

The conversation between Jane and Edward was an emotional rollercoaster for me to read.

I was sad, happy, frustrated, angry, and everything in between.

When they confessed that they loved each other, I was smiling so big. If anyone looked at me in class when I read it, they would think that there was something wrong with me.

All this time we were lead to believe that he was going to marry Miss Ingram when in reality he was talking about Jane. All he ever said was that he was going to marry soon. He gave no indication that he was actually thinking about Jane when he said this.

They are so happy and they have their first kiss together. The entire time I don’t just mentally saying “finally” and freaking out.

The fact that they did not see Mrs. Fairfax when they came in and kissed was great. I can just imagine what her face looked like in that moment.

It was so sweet that he kept coming to check up on her when they were back inside, in their rooms.

The tree being split in half must mean something though. The tree is were they confessed to each other. That same night it gets hit with lightning and split. That can not be just a coincidence.

It is very much possible that I am reading to much into this.

This is just how my mind works. It finds instances that may or may not be a coincidence and starts to speculate about what it could mean.

The fact that they have already confessed their feelings to each other and are getting married, worries me something fierce. What are the last fourteen chapters going to reveal to us and what is going to happen?

Ok, I was just looking for the pictures you see above, and I may have or may not have just spoiled something for myself. I am literally shook.


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