This girl could have avoided all of this!

Did she think this through? NOPE!

She is supposed to be this smart, thoughtful person. She is supposed to have common sense.

She did not think about the trouble that could happen being a lone woman in a new town with no one who knows her.

That is extremely dangerous and could have been avoided altogether.

I can not believe that she gave the driver her money and possessions for safe keeping.

Just keep it on your person or next to you.

Does she think about that? Nope and now she has nothing at all.

At least she had the common sense to hid herself at night so nothing happens to her.I understand her wanting to get away from Edward but she could have just avoided him in the house.

She let her emotions get away with her and overpower her rational thought.

Now she is going hungry, sick, and homeless. She has nothing and no one but herself to blame for her current situation.

I do not blame the townspeople for being wary of her because if I was in their situation I would be the same.

I am thankful for the people who did finally give her a place to stay.

All she wanted was some food and did not think they would let her stay the night.

They were probably so surprised that she did not care if they let her stay. I know I would have been.

I am glad that they let her stay because she would probably have died in the storm.

If she had not run away then she would not be in this situation.

If you can not tell I am being just a little petty about the whole thing.

I feel that it is well deserved so I don’t feel bad about the fact I am petty against a character in a book.

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