Stupidity and Mystery

That a greater fool than Jane Eyre had never breathed the breath of life; that a more fantastic idiot had never surfeited herself on sweet lies, and swallowed poison as if it were nectar,”–Jane Eyre

I would like to apologize in advance for this will likely turn into a rant.

Chapters sixteen through twenty, where I have currently stopped reading at, gave me so much anxiety, anger, proudness, and confusion.

I am so not okay with what has happened.

First off, Mr. Rochester is so stupid!

Jane saves his life and he gets all caring and sweet. Then the next day, he leaves and is got for weeks just to show up with a bunch of pretty, single women. Especially one that he is supposedly going to marry! Like what is wrong with this dude. Ugh!

Second off, who in their right mind does this to a girl that they show interest in. You are just going to show up with this gorgeous girl who shows an interest in you and you her. Then make Jane be in their company and not even acknowledge her.

I was so mad when they started talking bad about governesses’ with Jane in the room. Jane is a governess and you are just going to do that in front if her. Let’s not for get that Adèle is in the room with them.

Then Jane leaves early and he comes after her, wanting to know why she is leaving. He comments on her appearance saying she looks sad, pale, and depressed.

Of course she is sad you idiot! You are prancing this beautiful, educated women in front of her.

Don’t get me started on how she treats Adèle. I wanted to slap some sense into her.

I would just like to say how much I love the way Jane thinks. I just love how she picks up on the little things, like that witches lack of personality and interest in Mr. Rochester.

It was kind of funny that he dressed up as a gypsy and tells the witch that she only wants Rochester to advance in society.

When Jane was with the “gypsy” and he said all those things, makes me wonder if he was trying to trick her into confessing her feelings to see if she likes him too.

I also love the fact that she was the only one to figure out that the gypsy was in fact Mr. Rochester.

What is with the mystery that is the whole Grace Poole situation. I don’t understand and it is driving me crazy. Is Grace mentally ill or something? This is the only thing I can think of to explain her behavior.

She has tried to kill two people and he is covering up for her. He was one of the two she almost killed!

Why do they fill sorry for her? What is wrong with her?

What Rochester was saying about his younger years must have something to do with it. Something is going on as some of the staff seem to know and they get all hush up around Jane about Grace.

I honestly don’t know what to think right now and this is making my head hurt.

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