I’m Getting Excited

Edward and Jane are such a good match for each other. They can tame the other so effectively and they communicate to each other.

As they say communication is key to a successful relationship.

He is so sweet and caring to Jane that it makes my heart hurt.

I just wish that she would allow him to spoil her more she does. It is not like he is trying to buy her affections. He just want her to have what he feels she deserves.

I love how sure Jane is of who she is and not wanting to be compared to something she is not. The quote in the picture above is an excellent example of this.

Their love for each other is pure and what I personally aspire to have one day.

(Ok, I am currently watching the scorpion king right now and the acting is almost comical. I keep getting distracted by it.)

The wedding is almost apone us and I can not wait.

I just wish Edward would be more open with Jane. I can understand wanting to wait till a more appropriate time for some topics, but him being more open would lead to least problems. The longer he waits to reveal certain secrets to her the more problems their marriage will have.

Jane’s relationship with Adèle is so sweet. She acts as a mother to her and wants to make sure she does not feel neglected.

I love that Edward allowed Adèle to come to town with them at the request of Jane. She has him in the palm of her hand half the time.

When he was away for business, my heart burst with joy at how affected Jane was by his absence. The fact that she would walk to try to meet him sooner was very sweet. It was unnecessary but still very sweet of her.

(I am going to leave it at this and continue when I am much more focused. Even now as I am typing this I am far to distracted as it took me literally a minute to finish this sentence.)

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