Mr. Rochester

We finally get to meet the man himself!

The way they meet is kind of iconic and Jane makes a great first impression.

I mean how many people can say that they had a similar first meeting with their employer.

(Plus, the dog, Pilot, sounds so cute and I wish I could see him in person to love on him.)

Rochester is so straightforward and blunt with the way he speaks to Jane. He is so demanding, as that is what he is use to, but at least he apologizes for being so rude.

Their conversations together are very amusing to me. They are both witty in there own right and kind of sassy with some of there responses.

Right off the bat, Rochester seems to have a trust in Jane that he does not have with other people.

He is so very guarded with everything that it makes him seem cruel. The way he interacts with people is almost like he does not know how to act and talk to others.

This could be, and I am pretty sure it is, caused by what his family did to him. He just does not want to trust anyone in fear of being hurt again.

He talks in riddles to possibly drive people away. Most likely the people who aren’t worth being in his life.

In a way I pity him for what he has been put through but I also don’t want to pity him as I feel like he doesn’t want it.

Can we just talk about the fact that Adèle might be his daughter. I was so shook when reading this that my jaw physically dropped.

Then there was that whole almost dying thing that happened. Thank God for Jane.

Her saving his life just brought them closer together.

We finally have the first true, open sign that he likes her.

I am so excited to really get into the main story line and to see how they fall in love with each other.

Also is anyone else really annoyed with all the French being spoken. Personally I don’t know French so I keep having to stop and translate what is being said. I want it to stop so much.

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